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Serving Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland, & California

Meet Dr. Sara Chowdhury
Board Certified Psychiatrist 

Virginia, Washington DC, & Maryland (in person and virtual)
California (virtual only)



Welcome to your journey towards wellbeing.  My goal is to provide tailored care to each individual's needs. I want to foster a therapeutic environment where you belong regardless of the path you took to get here. 

Growing up and working in different cultures and settings has allowed me to appreciate the various experiences, views and values people come with. Here at Belong, I want to celebrate those differences and work together for better mindful health. 

My education has taken me to the states of Virginia, West Virginia and California. I went to Virginia Tech for my undergraduate studies where I double majored in Biology and Economics. I then went on to do medical school and Adult Psychiatry Residency in West Virginia University. Afterwards, I joined Stanford University to do my Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship including a year of serving as Chief Fellow.

I provide services in English and Bangla. During my free time, I love spending time with my family including my golden retriever. 

I cannot wait to meet you!

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Why See Dr. Chowdhury?

Dr. Chowdhury provides a wide range of psychiatric services. Some topics are highlighted here but please contact us for any further questions. 



This is a common challenge one may face. Feeling sad, having loss of interest or motivation, changes in your sleep, appetite, energy can all be signs of depression. Good news is, depression is treatable. Dr. Chowdhury can work with you to find a treatment best suited for your unique needs. 


There are many different types and causes of anxiety. Anxiety can be experienced in a generalized manner, around specific triggers and may or may not include panic attacks. Dr. Chowdhury will work with you to figure out how you experience anxiety as an individual and then move forward with a treatment plan. 


Whether you have experienced trauma directly or witnessed something traumatic, this can be a very difficult experience to navigate. If you often relive the trauma, your mood is low,  or your daily life has been affected by the experience, Dr. Chowdhury can work with you on a treatment plan which may or may not include medications. 

Women's Health

As a woman herself and having worked with women from various socioeconomic backgrounds, Dr. Chowdhury understands the unique challenges women experience. It can be difficult to transition through all the roles women often have and Dr. Chowdhury is here to be a part of that journey. 

Young Adults

Transitioning into adulthood is both exciting and difficult. Dr. Chowdhury enjoys working with this age group and working through the challenges adulthood can bring. 

Sleep/Wake Cycle Disorders
LGBTQ+ Challenges
Adjustment Disorders
Bipolar Spectrum Disorders
Disruptive Behaviors
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