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Common Questions

Which states do you currently see patients in?

Virginia, Washington DC, & Maryland (in person or virtual)

California (virtual only)

If you are a new patient, please book a complimentary phone consultation: BOOK NOW


Do you prescribe controlled substances?

Yes, if appropriate.


Cost & Payment

Dr. Chowdhury is out-of-network for all insurance plans but can provide a super bill (medical receipt). This allows Dr. Chowdhury to provide the highest level of personalized treatment, expands treatment options, and improves quality of care. You may submit the super bill to your insurance for out-of-network reimbursement. Reimbursement rates are plan-specific and it is recommended you contact your insurance agency for reimbursement coverage. 

Dr. Chowdhury can see patients through Lyra Health for medication management in Virginia. Lyra is an Employer Assistance Programs that covers many major tech and biochemical companies. Some major local company that uses Lyra benefits are Meta, Genentech, Genesys, LinkedIn, Pinterest, SpaceX, Uber, VMware, and more. Ask your HR department whether your company is contracted with Lyra Health. If your company offers Lyra Health, please let Dr. Chowdhury know when you initially contact her so she can check your eligibility for mediation treatment as not all those who have Lyra qualify for medication management.

Please note that Dr. Chowdhury does not see patients with Medicare or Medicaid even if the patient is wanting to pay out of pocket as Dr. Chowdhury is not opted out of Medicare/Medicaid. 

Payment via credit card, debit card (including employer-sponsored HSA/FSA/HRA accounts) are accepted. Cost varies depending on the type of service you are looking for and will be discussed during the complimentary consultation. 


How will I know if my insurance will reimburse me?

When speaking with your insurer, state you are interested in seeing an out-of-network psychiatrist and whether you have out-of-network benefits. If they say no, then your insurance will not offer reimbursement and you will be solely responsible for payment. If they say yes, you will want to ask about the details of those benefits including what they are willing to cover and if there is an out-of-network deductible that must be met prior to reimbursement. Many insurance plans will pay a percentage of a bill for out-of-network coverage and some will even pay in full for mental health. It may be helpful to ask specifically about reimbursement rates for the following medical service codes ("CPT codes") as they are used most frequently: 

Medical service codes ("CPT codes") frequently used by Dr. Chowdhury:

Initial Evaluation: 90792 or 99205

Follow-Up appointment: 99213 or 99214 or 99215

Add on services (to follow up appointments): 90833 or 90836 (medication management with therapy)

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Still Have Questions?

Please feel free to contact us for any remaining questions!

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