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Step 1: 15 mins Complimentary Phone Consultation


This is the first step towards establishing care here at Belong.This is a chance for us to introduce each other, discuss goals, and discover whether we will be a good fit. No treatment relationship will be established from this initial consultationBOOK NOW (click here)

You will receive a call from area code 215. If an earlier time becomes available, Dr. Chowdhury will call you directly. 

Step 2: after the complimentary consultation

If during the call, a time for an official appointment is decided, the following are the next steps: please read and save this information

  • You will receive 2 emails from RXNT (Dr. Chowdhury's Electronic Medical Record).

    • Email 1: details of the appointment. 

    • Email 2: link to activate your account. The link expires in 24 hours. If it does end up expiring, please reach out to me.

  • Once you have activated the account, there will be 6 consent paperwork and 3 intake paperwork that needs to be completed within 24 hours. Completion of the paperwork is needed to confirm the appointment. 

  • Please note that the full non refundable fee is charged for the initial appointment upon booking. 

  • If this appointment is for a minor, all the above needs to be done by the guardian.

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